I have felt lonely in my life too many times that I can’t even count. As an only child it is part of my life to be alone. My parents are divorced and I live with my mum. My mum works from 9 in the morning to 6 in the evening. When I was still going to high school, I was alone in the house the most of the day. I was finishing school at 13:35 every day, so I spend the rest of the day either studying or surfing the net.
If I say that I don’t, still, feel sometimes alone that would be a lie. Of course now that I am in Uni I made new friends that I spend a lot of time with them but they have boyfriends and I don’t. That is another issue I have, that no one wants me, no one finds me attractive in anyway. It is like I push them away or something and I don’t even know if I am that ugly for someone to make him not to like me. I haven’t felt love in a romantic way in my life and I really want someone to like me for what I am and for my stupid jokes or my wired habits.
In order to make myself feel better, I am trying to think that everything happen for a reason and what will come it will at the right time.I have hope that someday someone will find a way in my life to make me escape from that dark world, to show me the purpose of living and to make me feel like I am worth it!
All the love, Alex