Hey guys! So I've been fairly active on WHI but not as active as I'd like to be because I work full time. I post a lot of pictures and I've posted two articles. I know I'm not popular to do a get to know me tag but it's kinda fun so I'll just do it anyway. I hope you guys enjoy it!

Image by nellie_egun

1)My name is Nellie and I'm 20 years old. My birthday is March 31st 1997.

2) I live in Canada. Toronto to be precise. #reppingthe6ix!

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3)My favourite colours are pink and grey.

4) I was born with a genetic mutation called polydactylyl. Don't worry guys, it's not as scary as it sounds. It just means I was born with 6 fingers on both hands. The 6th finger is attached to my pinkie. I'd insert pictures but unfortunately my parents told the doctors to cut it off when I was a lot younger. Now all I have is a tiny growth on both pinkies :(. If it were up to me I'd leave it to grow cuz it would be kinda cool I guess Lol.

5) I'm super introverted and super shy.

6) I love dogs but I'm scared of animals. Especially worms. I'd die if a worm ever crawled on me.

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7) I have a major fear of flying. Guys, I'm not even joking! I almost had a heart attack the last time I flew. Maybe I'll get prescriptions to help with the anxiety and make me sleep.

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8) I enjoy solitude, reading, watching movies and learning new things.

9) I'm supposed to be in my second year of university but I stopped going to school due to financial issues :(

10) I am obsessed with condos and views like this

dream home, interior decor, and dream view image luxury, bedroom, and room image Image by nellie_egun

11) My favourite movies are Pirates of the Caribbean and all Marvel movies. I'm a sucker for marvel!

gif image Avengers, funny, and Hulk image Avengers, gif, and Marvel image

12) My favourite time of the year is Christmas. Yes I'm that annoying person that starts singing Christmas songs super early and doesn't take down their decorations till February. Lol just kidding. But I really love Christmas.

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13) I'm yet to figure out what I want to be in future but I do know it's gonna have something to do with giving people hope, inspiration, motivation and empowerment.

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14) My dream is to help people, become an entrepreneur, travel around the world, own a condo in downtown Toronto and own a Mercedes Benz.

15) My two biggest fears are losing a loved one and failing to achieve my dreams.

16) My guilty pleasure is listening to classical music and country music.

Aaaand it's a wrap! Hope you guys liked it. Thanks for reading.