In this article I wanted to put all my fashion wishes in one place and use it like vision board.

Gucci belt

fashion, style, and gucci image fashion, style, and outfit image Image by roksanaminja fashion, style, and outfit image

Valentino rockstuds

chic, style, and lydia elise millen image fashion and shoes image bag, luxury, and Valentino image collection, fashion, and fed image
yes, everything from heels to seakers.

Burberry scarf

autumn, Burberry, and gucci image fashion, style, and outfit image boots, casual, and fashion image Burberry, fashion, and gucci image
you can see how nice it looks with gucci belt. :D

LV Speedy 35

bag, belt, and fashion image luxury, fashion, and bags image Louis Vuitton and speedy image Louis Vuitton, bag, and speedy image

Levi's Jeans

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This is actually the only thing from this wishlist that I already own, but you can never have enough good looking jeans.

Ralph Lauren shirts

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Here you can see why

This article will need part 2 :D
love, Inn