This is the second part of the topic "my future".
And I´ll start directly...

my house

My house will be really big and extra. I need enough room for all my children or puppys and I wanna have a lot of special rooms like a cinema and a swimming pool.
I can imagine living in an itlian house, you know, these colorful houses with round and triangle shaped rooms and big windows...
Or I wanna have an old school villa with a porch and cute vintage furniture.

Image by Maddy York house, luxury, and home image atlanta, house, and luxury image home, house, and design image
a big house with a beautiful view

my room

My room is really small so in the future I wanna have a big room, maybe even two seperate rooms. Definitely I need a walk-in-closet because I have lots of clothes.
The walls will be creme or beige with big old-looking paintings.
I want to have a king sized bed with lots of fluffy pillows and a projector at the ceiling to feel like I´m in the cinema when I´m watching Netflix all night ...and day ;)
For decoration I will put plants in my room and put candels on the windowsill. I can imaging placing a mirror that looks like a window in my room to create a vintage flair.
For sure, I need lots of golden lights to be able to post cute snaps ;)

clothes, closet, and room image christmas, dog, and winter image
warm lights are the key to a cozy room
acrylic, aesthetic, and art image
Starry Night - van Gogh

my kids room

My childrens room will look as they want it to, maybe pink maybe black, but definitely perfect. Our house will have an extra room with several beds to do sleepovers and invite friends.

kids image Blanc, Bleu, and home image beige, Blanc, and home image Image by Sweet Home

the bathroom

My bathroom will have a big vintage bathtub in its middle. A big glassfront allows a beautiful view on the moutains or the sea, depending where I live. Some plants decorate the room and make it look natural.

home image bathroom, luxury, and home image flowers, bath, and home image interior, mirror, and pink image

the kitchen

There`s not much to say about the kitchen. It has to be usefull and classy. Maybe with a cozy bench and a bar that seperates the kitchen and the dining room.

kitchen, home, and house image kitchen image
hope my kitchen will be clean like these...

special rooms

I definitely wanna have my own cinema with red seats and a popcorn machine. This popcorn scent simply belongs to this.

canada, cinema, and decor image popcorn, food, and Pop cOrn image
no movie without popcorn and chocolate

Next, I´m dreaming of having my own swimmingpool to make pool partys until late at night in the summer.

summer, pool, and luxury image
warm summernights and cold drinks - that´s what memories are made of

My garden will be big and have its own playground. For my children, but for me too ;)
In huge flowerbeds sunflowers will be spreading.
Through the garden a little creek will be flowing.

garden and royal image flowers, sunflower, and yellow image

Sooo for sure I´ll change my mind in about a week and have a completly diffrent imagination of my dreamhouse...
In that case a second part about this subject will follow.
Furthermore, I´ll do some advent articles. I plan to upload one article each sunday so be ready :)