Do you get bored inside when its too cold to go outside? here's a list of fun things to do!

  • read a book
  • watch movies
  • bake cakes and cookies
  • clean room
  • make a playlist
  • listen to the sound of rain
book, autumn, and fall image harry potter, book, and coffee image makeup, beauty, and dressing table image rain, sound, and grunge image
  • play card
  • darw
  • put toghether outfits
  • take pictures
  • curl hair
  • take a hot bubble bath whit cancles
  • soft music
cozy and tumblr image piano, music, and vintage image autumn, fall, and fire image bath, bathroom, and simplicity image
  • learn tthe lyrics to a rap
  • write a story
  • write a poem
  • paint nails
  • have a fire
  • learn a song on the piano

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