Before we get into this, I just have to say that I didn't think it would be possible to be as beautiful as they are before I saw them.

1) They gave me more self-confidence.
You all know that this culture right now has a lot of influence on girls as to how they think they should look like, influencing them to think they're not perfect the way they are. I was also very influenced. Every time I saw those ads with skinny, beautiful girls, I got more insecure, telling myself that I would never be as beautiful and perfect as they are. When I listened to Little Me, it made me realize that I could be, if I wasn't already, and that I was perfect the way I was.

2) They made me believe that I could do anything, even if I am a girl
With songs like Power and Salute, they made me realize that even if I am a girl in a sexist generation, I could still do anything I wanted, how I wanted. That I didn't need a man to be the boss of me.

3) They made me believe in friendship.
Friendship is something Little Mix is known for everywhere. If they weren't friends, there wouldn't be a Little Mix. In interview after interview, they get asked the same question, " Are you guys REALLY friends?" The answer to that is yes. Whenever one of them has been going through something, they know they can talk to the other girls about it because they've been through it. They all know that they are a force TOGETHER, and not alone. They all unanimously agree that they would always be together. (Pun intended).

4) They taught me how a guy should be in an adult relationship.
With songs like You Gotta Not and Going Nowhere, they taught me that if a guy I'm seeing is ONLY being lazy, not having a job, that I should break up with him.

5) They saved my life.
If you have seen most of my articles, with my so-called depression, you know that suicide was almost always an option for me. But with their music, especially with Change Your Life, they made me realize that I wasn't alone in this battle. That someone was going through what I was, even if I didn't know it.

6) They taught me that my exes words shouldn't hurt me. At all.
We all know Shout Out to My Ex. With that song, they taught me that I don't need my exes. That I'm better off without them.

I'm sorry if I missed something that you think should be on this list. Message me, and I will add it if I agree. ( To me, I just sounded so mean. Sorry). But other than that, if you like this article, please heart and follow. I'll follow you back. Thanks for reading my article. :)