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Author: Chloe Neill
Genre: Fantasy
Series?: Yes, trilogy
Books in order: Firespell, Hexbound, Charmfall
My rating: 8/10 (mostly because of some unanswered questions)

Main synopsis:

This series revolves around schoolgirl Lily Parker and her new best friend Scout Green (real name “Millicent Carlisle Green”) and her time at St. Sophia’s School for Girls. Her parents had gone to Germany for a sabbatical which later on Lily suspects is in fact not the case. Like in any school, she has to deal with the “brat pack” of her school.
In Firespell, Lily finds out about a world of magic which her friend Scout is tangled up in. Adepts and Reapers, Enclaves and sanctuaries, different types of magic, a special catch: the details are all in the books. Lily soon finds out that she has this magic too, with the speciality of firespell. She also gets to know a guy (also involved in this world) called Jason who is a werewolf. Firespell is mainly about her getting introduced into this world.
Hexbound is the next book which focuses on more aspects of this world like vampires which are introduced. Lily goes on her first real “mission”, other than protecting the tunnels under her school from Reapers. She gets to understand her powers more from the surprising help of Sebastian Born, a Reaper, (she was an Adpet, and Adepts and Reapers are enemies) as well as solving a problem caused by the Reapers.
The last book, Charmfall is about the whole of Chicago (where the story is mainly set) having a “blackout”, but only for those with magic. Even Reapers are losing their powers, and it’s only when they come together that they manage to stop the person behind all this. Romance is also more evident in this book.

Well that’s it for this series! Although I am a little mad and annoyed that quite a few questions were unanswered, it was still pretty addicting and interesting to read. They are not very long too, but still a good series.

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