Hello everyone :) this is the first article of my the aesthete series, where I create mood boards of what I associate with some of my current favourite songs. This is the first one, so, I hope you like enjoy!

Homemade Dynamite - Lorde

girl, hair, and makeup image rainbow, aesthetic, and lgbtq image rose, fire, and aesthetic image aesthetic, exo, and sehun image
I can't explain how much I love Lorde's music. This song is definitely one of my favourites of Melodrama, as it is an amazing tune and the song itself makes me feel so free and happy. Also, the 'boom' she does at the end of the song? ADORABLE. I LOVE HER SO MUCH.
"So let's let things come out of the woodwork, I'll give you my best side, tell you all my best lines"

Anziety - Logic, Lucy Rose

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This song starts off as a chill RnB-ish song, then an avid rap, explicitly describing the terrors of anxiety, then back to Lucy Rose's singing. I like this song because, although I haven't experienced anxiety in my life yet, it makes me truly feel sympathy for those who do, as well as being a damn good song.
"Everything is fine, everything is so fine"

Walk On Water - Eminem ft. Beyoncé

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I could literally sing this song out loud forever - it's amazing. By two of the most iconic artists of this generation, this is hip-hop ballad is definitely worth the five minutes.
"I walk on water, but I ain't no Jesus"


rose, flowers, and wallpaper image love, couple, and boy image book, polaroid, and goals image Inspiring Image on We Heart It
Although I don't know much about LANY's music, I love this song so bad - see what I did there (sorry I'm very un-funny). It seems so cutely romantic and ah, I love it.
"Slow dance these summer nights, our disco ball's my kitchen light"

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