When you're a teenager you suddenly learn lots of things, and these are the things I have learnt since becoming a teenager.

I'm Going to try and do this every year///

1. People’s opinions don't matter, if they like you or they don't it shouldn’t
affect your opinion of yourself.

Gossip has a way of getting back to the person that was being talked about, and finding out someone doesn’t like you can be pretty hurtful depending on who it is. But, you shouldn’t let it get to you, why should you fuss over people that don’t like you anyway. Honestly, the only opinion that should matter is your own.

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2. Not having a boyfriend isn’t the end of the world - Boys don’t matter, well
all but Steve Harrington.

So many boys have hurt me in the literal few years that I have been interested in them. With all the boys I have socialised with I think about 3 (that I know of) have actually liked me. Lots of boys have been rude, mean or bitchy to me but I really don’t care – why should I waste my time thinking about guys that don’t treat me right?

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3. People are going to hurt you but always give second chances.

Unless they do something really messed up.

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4. If you have an idea run with it- it might be genius.

Write that book, Take that picture, Talk to that person, Do want you want.

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5. Make as many friends as you can and talk to everyone BE INCLUSIVE.

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6. Go out to parties, movies, dates events – just say go out and experience
everything you can.

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