Ride the London Eye

In 2014 I was in the last year of my middle school. We all could choose for a schooltrip to London, Prague or Amsterdam. At first I choose to go to Amsterdam. But I am living in The Netherlands so someone told me that I could see Amsterdam like every day if I would. So I choose for London. I was very excited about all the thing we were planned to do. I had a great time in London. Only the 8 hours during bustrip was making me tired.

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26 September 2014
If I am right this was on a wednesday. The weather was good and we walked a lot. I saw a lot thing today. I remember the schoolkids in their schooloutfit. They were so cute and little.
There were standing some tables for the London Eye. At first we took a lunch, after 30 minutes we walked to the London eye. There was straight security. They looked in bags, jackets and everywhere. Before we could step in a cabin they were making sure nobody left a bomb.

The eye
The ride during was about 30 minutes. And it was beautiful. Sometimes I made myself afraid about the hight but that was worth it. You could see so much and I had so much fun.

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Kisses Demi