monday 27th of november 2017 | 7:27pm

Dear diary,
Well was today a big day. Honestly, today could have gone two ways and I don't know if I am happy with the way it did turn out. I can't help but feel as if I have done the wrong thing like I was being very rude and inconsiderate to someone's feelings. I think I should fill you in now...

Last night a boy added me on snapchat and we started talking. He was not like other guys, he was interesting and he seemed to be interested in me. Our conversations were never dry and he was so sweet. I found out that he got my snapchat from a girl I go to school with and he works with. He had a day off of school today and she asked him to bring her food, so obviously I was dragged along to meet him face to face. I knew he didn't look like a Kelvin Klein model but I didn't expect at all what I saw. I can look past that but as we spoke I realized every second word he spoke was some type of curse word, and that really turned me off. So it was a miracle when my phone rang and my friends came to the rescue, it was so awkward and soon enough he had to go. I am so polite that when he opened his arms for a hug, I hugged him but he held on for a tad bit too long for comfort. So we all turned separate ways and my friends almost instantly started giggling, causing me to turn around to find him staring.

Now after school I spoke to him again on snapchat and told him that I don't want anything to happen between us and that I feel like we should stay friends. But now he seems mad at me and said I 'lead him on'. This is honestly why I don't date and want to wait till I am older. Guys why did I put myself in that position, I am such an idiot, but I guess we can only learn from our mistakes.

xx Courtney