Just like a knife cut so deep that needs stitches but you just stare at the blood drip. 

Drip. Drip. Drip. 

Constantly asking the same question of What am I doing?
So young and naive. 

When will you learn. 

When will you learn that things should not be forced. 

When will you learn that let love come to you, let them make the first move.
You keep letting yourself be stabbed and wounded. 

They leave you with an open wound and leave with no remorse. 

The story of girl meets boy, boy meets girl. 

Girl falls, boy doesn't even stumble. 

But somehow the girl is dumb enough to stay and try. 

The story ends with the girl hurt and the guy with another girl. 

You know the story and how the story ends,
Then why do you keep playing the same part.