Day numero 6: 30 interesting facts about yourself
1 I’m a pisces
3 I feel asleep while my mom was in labor, causing the doctor to do a c-section
4 I am too selfless sometimes
5 I’ve almost been in a bad accident 3 times in about 6 months
6 I love photograph
7 I like watching nature documentaries
8 I’m one of those people who find things before they’re popular
9 I’m an only child
10 Red pandas are one of my favorite animals
11 Puppies and dogs are an obsession of mine
12 I have 4 plant children
13 I’m an artist
14 This year for my birthday most of my gifts were art supplies
15 Bento makes me happy
16 People often call me their best friend but I really just want one best friend….a dog
16 I have trust issues, but I’m trying to overcome them
17 I never broken or sprained a bone but I have bruised one
18 I use to pretend I was a caterpillar, who am I kidding I still do
19 My tweets are sad and gross but I keep them because there’s a quote that says embarrassing yourself builds character.
20 I give great advice but I don’t take my own
21 My shoe size doesn’t match my height
22 I need music to survive school
23 I believe in aliens
24 I know I was born in the wrong century but I make it work
25 I have been so busy….procrastinating
26 I’m getting better with time management, even though I believe time doesn’t exist
27 I don’t know what to do with attention I get from the people I crave it from the most
28 I haven’t felt deja vu in a while
29 While growing I think I let a leaf dye that I really liked, guess I have to grow another
30 This probably the most committed I've been to a challenge