Since Christmas is next month so that means it's the time of the year to buy presents for family and friends. If you're struggling and you don't know what to do with your life then keep reading for ideas. I thought it would be a good idea to put the gifts into separate categories (you can thank me later) to make your life easier.

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- Bath Bombs are a good idea as a lot of people prefer to take baths during the winter. in lush they have many affordable ones and gift sets.
- Makeup. Many brands have released their Holiday collections so there are many options of makeup you can buy.
- Candles are perfect for this time of year and they can be quite affordable (if you're broke like me).
- Books are good for someone who likes reading. Personally I hate reading but it's a good idea as you can get one based around something they like.
- Fuzzy Socks, preferably something winter themed.
- Jewelry is good because there are so many different types you can buy. Pandora sells amazing jewelry and some can be personalized if your into that stuff lol.
- Phone Case because most people these days have phones and you want to protect them because they are overpriced and cost too much to fix lol.
- Stationery. You can buy a lot of cute and personalised pencils from etsy.
- Picture Frames. To make it more personal add some cute pictures of you two together.

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- Video Game for their playstation or xbox.
- Socks because everyone needs socks lol.
- Watch. The pricing can vary depending what store it is from. If you're feeling generous you could get him an apple watch.
- Perfume. I've seen many gift sets including perfume and some body lotion that are a reasonable price. Also, it's a plus as they have no excuse too smell bad especially around you lol.
- Aftershave and Skincare. This could include gift sets and electrical razors as well.
- Food. It's basic needs really.
- Tickets To Their Favourtie Game whether it's football, basketball, rugby or any other sports.

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- High End Makeup. Like I said before, brands have already released their holiday collections so there are many gift set and other items you can choose from. Palettes are good thing to buy as you can more than one product included.
- Phones are useful as everyone these days have one. You don't have to buy a phone, you could get them other technology items like a laptop, iPad, or TV.
- Designer Clothes And Shoes
- Jewelry can be quite expensive depending on where it is from. You could get them a ring, bracelet, necklace, earrings or a watch.
- Car. Now this is definitely an expensive gift but if you have the money why not.
- Flowers can get expensive if you get it from some fancy place.
- Designer Handbag will make the perfect present. Some brands you could buy it from are gucci, ysl and chanel.

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- Candle are a very affordable present and can be brought from so many shops. They also have a variety of christmas and winter scents.
- Plants. Now this may sound weird but it would be good for someone who wants to decorate their bedroom or home.
- Room Decor is great because there are so many options like fairy lights, storage, cushions, plants and picture frames.

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Make a Winter Survival Kit! Decorate a box or basket and fill it up with everything you need to survive winter such as:

- Fluffy socks
- Blankets
- Gloves
- Hand Cream
- Lip Balm
- Bath Bomb
- Scarf
- Mug
- Fairy Lights
- Hot Chocolate
- Face Mask
- Hat
- Candy Canes
- Book
- Candles
- Sweater

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- Candy Canes
- Chocolate
- Gingerbread Men
- Their Favourite Candy
- Cake
- Cookies
- Homemade Treats
- Cupcakes
- Marshmallows
- Brownies

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