Hey guys! I had the idea of this article since Articles first came out, but I couldn't find the way to do it... well, now here it is! By the way, if you are into philosophy like me, you would like other articles like mine. I give you the link to one of my favourites:

  • Why does the human being constantly seek self-destruction (wars- self wars)?
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  • Why all human beings are programmed to have to choose a field to which to dedicate our lives (for example, a university career)?
  • What is art and why, depending on what it is and how it is made, makes us feel different things to everyone?
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  • Contemplating that there really are many lines of time (time is not a single direction): For every tiny particle of time there is or has been, there is a different version of the entire existing universe?
  • All the people that we cross from birth to death, have a role to play in our lives? What is my role in the life of all the people around me?
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  • Is it our world a real world?
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  • Is it possible that everything material we see is simply a non-material concept but our brains see it and feel it real?
  • What will be the colors, that the human is not able to visualize?
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  • Where did space and the universe come from (how was it created)? How is it that there is an infinite variety of possibilities of things that may exist? (Actually I do not know how to explain this, it's very difficult to understand)
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  • How about our entire universe is within a much larger universe?
Some infinities are bigger than other infinities.
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  • Are we destined (at some point in our lives) to find our 'true love'? How about people who never found it, really if they crossed paths with them in their lives but some event crossed between them?
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  • How many people will be thinking about me at this moment (what is my impact on people's lives)?
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  • Will there be parallel dimensions or worlds? What will be our lives in these realities?
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  • What is the time and when did it start? There are different times? Is it possible that our time is shortened or lengthened according to the laws that have been imposed on it?
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  • Do people have souls? Where does the particle (soul, spirit, whatever) that makes every person unique and special comes from, and how is it in us?
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I think that will be all for today, thanks for reading and hope you start thinking in your own philosophical questions ;)

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