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1. Rainy Days make me get lost in my thoughts, they put me in introspection mode.
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2. After it rains, or when the day is just right, the hue of the plants is stronger. Greener. Brighter. It makes me feel empowered.
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3. City lights and night skies, look im a city girl, the night life is the most fascinating thing to me. Makes me feel at home
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4. Christmas. Cold weather makes me feel renewed. Welcome to rebirth, are you ready?
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5. Life and all of its crazy adventures, some people treat life like a business deal. Life and I just kick it.
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6. Sunsets, this reminds me that although the day has ended there is still something to look forward to, that there is beauty and light at the end of the day and that the next day more fortune will fall.
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7. Spirituality, balance within the universe. Balance in the human being is so important.