here's a decently long list of songs i listen to when i get ready because it helps make me feel like the baddie that i think i am!!

lips, pink, and glitter image aesthetic, drink, and hipster image gold, makeup, and girl image sza image
love galore - sza ft travis scott
70s, 80s, and 90s image Image by 💄👸《ســيـدﮪ اﻟـعـاﻟَـﻣ》👸💄 baby girl, pink, and aaliyah image 2000, 2000s, and aesthetic image
decline - raye
girl, red, and alternative image red, hands, and aesthetic image drink, party, and alcohol image aesthetic, art, and colour image
bad intentions - niykee heaton
red, tumblr, and aesthetics image car, vintage, and california image vintage, aesthetic, and drink image Marilyn Monroe and vintage image
3 strikes - terror jr
red, rose, and aesthetic image red, car, and aesthetic image flower, red, and 밤 image dove cameron image
bad at love - halsey
eyes, black, and tattoo image party, tequila, and alcohol image 2ne1, bigbang, and CL image fashion, girl, and dress image
tequilawine - olivia o'brien