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im so sad inside
im not depressed in the typical sense
though I long for adventure, freedom - a world without rules.
i want to be free

i want to fall hard in love, he'd have his own imperfections, but we're imperfect together.

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i want to be in my own little bubble of bliss, never knowing what tomorrow will be like - not caring about the future.

eating left-overs from last nights "dinner" well into the next day

the only weight on my shoulders would be the rucksack I carry

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On the other hand;

I want to be the woman little me, was told I should be

Having a mature lifestyle - Stopping off for early morning coffees on the way to my esteemed job.

Settling down with my husband that I may or may not love.

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Living in your average, rich American house, an hour drive from the city.

Being so absorbed in my "corporate bubble" that my horizons decrease, without my knowledge, because I'll slowly adapt.

Having the guilt of never doing what I truly wanted to do, which was "be free".

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Even after all that - It's probable of which person I'll end up being, you know, and I know which side that'll be