I'm afraid, I'm actually am. I joke about this all the time but I'm afraid of ending up alone, of dying and no one noticing. I'm afraid I'll never find true love, or fake love or just love.
Loneliness is a horrible feeling because even though you're surrounded by people you still feel alone. Being alone is like being in the bottom of a well and not being able to escape, you try to yell, you try to climb but you just can't.
I don't want to be alone, I want to have someone it doesn't have to be the one, just someone that will try to listening to me to understand my problems, my point of view, someone who just talks to me, asks about my day and doesn't turn the subject back o his/her self. Because damn I hate when people do that. It's stupid, Ik tha I'm worried about being alone when I'm just 18 but idk, I feel like I'm different I'm 18 never had a gf/bf (I write both genders because I'm confused af about my sexuality), and Idk I wonder if I'll ever find someone, someone who tries a little bit hard for me.