Life can be pretty hard sometime, right? Whenever I'm feeling low, or don't know what's going on around me, I'd just read. Reading is my escape from reality, and I love to read stories and poetries a lot.

Atticus is one my favorite poet and in this article, I'm gonna share some of his poetry, which has helped me a lot to pursue my dreams and overcome self-negativity thoughts. While reading his poetry, I feel calm and peaceful and there'd be always a smile on my face. Yeah, his poetry has that effect on me.

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Trust no Kings,
Kings put girls in towers
trust your wings,
for girls with wings
will soar past Kings,
as they look up from the towers.
— Trust No Kings, Atticus
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The way she flew
I chased her like a firefly
to put her in a jar
but I learned again
what I learned as a boy
that wings don't belong in jars.
— Wings And Jar, Atticus
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Dare to believe,
the whispers in your ears,
that you might be special,
that you might be meaningful,
that one day
you might change the world.
It's us you see
the ones who listen
that will change everything.
— Dare To Believe, Atticus
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Find that one you love and let them burn you,
let them burn you like the sun,
let your love and hate fuel the fire,
and the more vulnerable you become,
the hotter you will burn,
until you are nothing but molten ash.
and when that fire cools,
your love will be,
a hard cool steel,
and nothing will break you.
for together you have been sun.
— When You Have Been Sun, Atticus
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I feel in every girl
there lives a spirit,
a wild pixie,
that if let go,
would run and dance in grassy fields
until the end of the world.
And when that girl grows up,
that pixie hides,
but it's always there,
peaking out behind old eyes
and reading glasses
quietely waiting,
to one day dance again.
— In Every Girl, Atticus
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"I swear it to the sky,"
he said,
and she smiled.
"Swear it to the dust instead.
For one day these stars will be dust,
and so will we,
but this", she kissed,
"if it is true,
will live in forever
in those dusty skies."
— Dusty Skies, Atticus
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She flirted with life,
and life flirted right back with her,
as if all the universe around,
became more alive just for her,
and everything felt her glow,
an incandescence,
in the dew,
in the stars,
in the color of the sky,
and it all shone for her,
bright as it could,
in the hopes to catch her eyes.
— To Catch Her Eyes, Atticus

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