Hello world, my name is Andjela and this is my first kind-of article. Here are my top 10 favourite youtubers:

1) Shane Dawson
- I watch him for years and he never failed to make me smile. His videos are pure joy to me, and his personality is just amazing. Through the years of watching him I found out about his story, and honestly that made me watch him more and care about him more. Some people hate on him because of his "creepy" personality but I find it unique.

2) Daniel Howell(ex "danisnotonfire" )
- First when I heard about him, I didn't want to watch anything of his, mainly because of how famous he got. But I couldn't last long, so I clicked on his channel and one of his videos popped up, I watched it and you know how it ended, I started watching him everyday every second. He is that reletable kind of person, and all of his videos makes sense to me that's probs why I'm relating to him a lot.

3) Amazing Phil
- He is my ray of sunshine, and I need to say that I watched him before I started watching Dan. It was very hot outside and I was feeling depressed so I didn't wanted to go outside, I went on youtube and started browsing .. and then Phil appered. He made me smile that day, and mainly that's why I called him "my ray of sunshine". I love him a lot and also I find his videos very relaxing to watch.

4) Jenna Marbels
-My QUEEN of youtube, her and Shane are my youtube idols, so everything I say won't be enough to explain my love and respect for them. She is so herself in her videos, confident and chill. Jenna sends positive vibes trough people and for me - relaxation . Her videos makes me happy and positive.

5) Connor Franta
-My fashion youtube icon, he looks so good outside and inside he is just so sweet and kind. His videos are relaxing and pleasent for eyes, he's got that kind of aesthetic that reminds you of 80's 90's fashion which I ABSOLUTELY LOVE.

6) iiSuperwomanii
- #TeamSuper in the house! Girl love and all of that. My favourite unicorn ever. She sends so much love to everyone, so much positive energy and inspiration.

7) Liza Koshy
- My beautiful little brown girl, she makes me so happy and positive. I don't think that people know how much she can make someones day better just by watching her. In few minutes she can change someones day for better,

8) Joey Graceffa
- Unique and extraordinary is all I can say for him. His vlongs and chalenges are fun to watch and he is my favourite husky owner.

9) Reaction Time
- I usually don't watch many reaction videos, but his are hilarious and great. Everything about him and his channel is right, and don't get me started.. he posts two times EVERY SINGLE DAY.

10) Dolan Twins
- They're very young but very mature. Good personality and amazing looks. For 17 years old boys they are FENOMENAL. Also they are very funny.

That's it, I hope you enjoyed leave a heart if you want and follow me too if you want. My next article will be out tomorrow and I hope it will be better than this one. See you all tomorrow good bye. xx