For him:
First of all, I want you to know that I still care about the way you exist.
When we had hard times, I’ve been thinking that the sun was going to rise and we would try again. We could save ‘us’ and would have done whatever it takes.
When we left each other, I was just sitting there, trying to figure out what had we done to each other, how we ended up like this.
And there was a time when I was struggling, thinking about forgetting you, but most of all, forgiving you. Forgiving that you didn’t do anything for me to stay with you, that you couldn’t understand my mind, chased the girls who didn’t know what your soul looked like.
It’s okay, honey, you are forgiven, but your actions can’t be forgotten.
Remember when I told you I didn’t want my heart to be broken? Because, to tell the truth, it wasn’t that hard. You said you would never do that and I knew you lied, but I gave you a chance anyway. My fault.

And for now, I realise what kind of marks you left on me. They are called pain, loneliness, but mostly - strength.
You gave me this kind of struggle about people. I went through the war not to become untrustable, not to leave myself without faith, hope. I’ve been trying to remember that there are people who don’t want to see me hurt.

Now I will tell you what we used to be:
Yes, you kissed me but that wasn’t my choice unfortunately. Maybe you touched me, but you could never do that without touching me.
That was our problem, that was the reason I should have gave up on you earlier.
The first and the last thing I want from you is to do me a favour and never make any other girl feel this way.