Hello, hello, hello and welcome to this article! This one is not gonna be like the others. It's special! I am going to mention the worth of friendship. I hope that everybody has at least one friend and of course one best friend! Friends are a part of our lives.... So, every time you think of them just remind yourself that you don't waste your time by hanging around with them or giving them advice... I am sure they love you and they admire you. You will grow up and you will memorise all these little moments you had together. It's on our nature to have around us people who share their secrets with us and generally their lives!

When you have friends, it's like you have a treasure! It increases the happiness and reduces the pain. Your friends will always stand by your side when you face difficult situations. They won't let you get through this alone. They are going to make you feel safe and protected. They will, also, help you to solve this issue.

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As I said, friends are a part of our lives. As a result, we are influenced be them. Our character and our behaviour changes. We become more sociable and tolerate. We learn how to put up with their point of view, their perceptions etc. We become more aware of the love and the care that we get from them. Moreover, we have a great time with them! We enjoy every moment and we laugh with our stupid little moments!

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By having friends, you improve yourself. You identify a lot of sides of ourself. We recognise who we truly are. You gain self knowledge. It's priceless to judge yourself whenever you have to do it. There are less possibilities to become selfish, arrogant and mean. Guess who offers you those.Your friends!

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To sum up, friendship is like breathing. You must breath every single second of your life just like when you are with your friends. You will never stop loving them, caring about them, BREATHING for them. Bye for now and until next time......... SEE YAAAAAAAAAA

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