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Today I decided to make a music article. I'm from Belgium so I thought it'd be interesting to share some Belgian music artists with you. They all have English songs, except for one (number 4).

I've written the music genre of every artist in the short description, so you can sort out which artists you'd like to listen to.

My personal favorites are the numbers 1, 4 and 9. You can always let me know which one you like best!

1. Oscar and The Wolf

They are truly amazing! I've seen them perform live this summer, and it was outstanding. Their music genre is alternative, indie and electropop.

oscar and the wolf image concert, antwerpen, and oscar and the wolf image

You should listen to Strange Entity, So Real and Breathing.

2. Netsky

He's a Belgian dj and drum and bass producer. I've seen him live twice, and his music is perfect to party on!

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You should listen to Come Alive, Rio and Who Knows.

3. Milow

He's a singer-songwriter. His music genre is accoustic and pop.

You should listen to You Don't Know, Howling At The Moon and Fortune Cookie.

4. Stromae

He's a Belgian musician, rapper, singer and songwriter. His music genre is hip hop and electronic music. He has toured America with his French music and performed at Madison Square Garden in New York 2 years ago.

belgium, stromae, and paul van haver image stromae, belgium, and paul van haver image

You should listen to Formidable, Papaoutai and Alors On Danse.

5. Hooverphonic

They're a band with the music genres alternative, rock and electropop.

hooverphonic image alternative, eden, and Lyrics image

You should listen to Eden, Amalfi and Sometimes.

6. Absynthe Minded

They're a Belgian rock band. Their tracks can contain a mix of thirties jazz and funky soul.

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You should listen to Envoi and Moodswing Baby.

7. K's Choice

They're also a Blegian rock band. Their music genre is alternative rock and post-grunge.

You should listen to Not an Addict and Everything For Free.

8. Lost Frequencies

He's a Belgian dj and record producer. His music genre is tropical house and deep house.

lost frequencies image dj, steve aoki, and like mike image

You should listen to Are You With Me, Beautiful Life and What Is Love.

9. Loïc Nottet

He's a Belgian singer, who represented Belgium in the Eurovision Song Contest 2015 where he placed fourth with 217 points. His music genre is indie pop.

belgium, boy, and loic image music, singer, and eurovision image

You should listen to Rhythm Inside, Million Eyes and Mud Blood.

10. Gabriel Rios

He's a Belgian singer-songwriter.

You should listen to Hallelujah and Gold.

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