Hi! So.. This is my first article. I thought, why not? My english are far away from perfect. I was just thinking, why not improve my english and challenge myself? At first i want to excuse for my grammatical errors, I will do my best.

My name is Linnéa. I'm 17 years old and lives in Sweden. I'm on my first year in High School. In general i would have go on my second year, maybe i can tell you why i'm going on my first year? (uuugh, my english are so bad)

I would say i'm an Introvert person. I like to talk to people, i can socialize but most of the time i prefer to be on my own. Sometimes i need time for myself and do the things i love.

My favourite things to do is writing, to photograph and talk politics. I can talk politics for hours!

Just a short biography about me.

5 facts about me:

1. I love british english! I love their accents. But the problem is that i always blends British and American words together. We talked about it in the english class, in my english class we learn british english. I have never thought it was so many differences, for example cookie in American english and Biscuit in British english. I have always thought it was the same. I hope you guys understand my explanation even if my english are so, so, so bad, i'm so sorry. haha.

2. I want to be a entrepreneur and work as a photographer. I will make my dream come true.

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3. I do have my own blog there i share my photographs and i'm also writing. I thought it would be a good combination between photography and writing because i love to do both. So i started a blog and i have been blogging for 3 years now.

4. I love cheese! I'm like a little mouse, i really, really love cheese! Haha.

5. To be honest, i am a little bit afraid to post this article because my english are so bad.. okay, i know. I have to be confident and believe in myself. As i said at the beginning, i do this to challenge myself and improve my english.