September 26th 2017
I added you on snapchat, you never added much to your story except the night of September the 27th, you joined in with the cool kids and told people to go right opinions on your sarahah i never wrote one but i saw your struggled with an opinion on my best friend, i helped you answer it, i told you she was an amazing person.
September 28th 2017
You wanted a streak with me, i sent you streaks back, this unveiled a conversation with you, i've always been a awkward person and i was covered in a million different emotions, i fell into my safety net of being funny and you enjoyed my jokes.
September 29th 2017
we spoke all day, and our night conversation went to far, you asked me a 'random question' you asked for my bra size i was confused but i still answered i told you and you asked 'would you ever send' my response was 'idk', i was confused yet again i missed the sweet you from a day ago but i held back my feelings and went to sleep.
We talked for hours which lead to weeks leading to a month.
November 12th 2017
We were so close, i loved you, you loved me and the public was unaware you asked me for a topless picture and i told you i wasn't comfortable with that and that i had insecurity and i wasn't happy with my body, i'm a petite girl, i'm not like these model, i'm not tall and i don,t have big boobs like every guy likes, you were supportive of me, you told me i was beautiful and that a probably had an amazing body you called me by my name and told me not to worry.
November 22nd 2017
everything went down hill, you told me that you didn't really want to talk at the min i asked if it was me and you told me it wasnt me so i said im here if you want to talk, you ignored it.
November 24th 2017
you were talking to everyone else except me, i messaged you saying we need to talk and you said you didnt really want to, i said please tell me what is wrong you ignored it so i wrote my feeling to you i told you that i didnt know what i did wrong i told you i didnt want to jump to conclusions but i knew that you no longer liked me because you knew i wasnt that type of girl to send to you and that my feelings for you had faded and i no longer felt the same way as before, you didnt ignore me, you told me you never liked me and that you never wanted me to send and that you were a joker.
I manged to calm myself down and i messaged you back saying i didnt want to fall out and i had had a hard day i asked if we were still good or not and you said i dont know at the min and that you couldnt be arsed i sent you a sad face but in all truthfulness i was crying and i was so hurt.
November 24th 2017 (today)
i feel so empty i feel as if you hate me and im blaming myself for everything but i part of me is still telling me that its not me and that i didnt do anything wrong.
Im sorry if i let you down
im sorry if i disappointed you

- Abbi xo
sorry if i messed up when writing this my eyes are fuzzy with tears :)