Okay,let begin. Shall we?

Today I will do the 15 days writting challenge and this one is going to be the first day. And I have to sorry about my English because it's not my first language.

Day 1: An Article that's about you introduce yourself.

First thing first, my name is Vanessa and I'm from Vietnam which is located in Southeast Asia. Truly I don't know how to say about myself so please forgive me if I say something wrong okay. I'm just turned 18 on August 22nd and I'm a freshmen from Ho Chi Minh city University of Foreign Languages and Information Technology ( HUFLIT), and my branch is English Language.

Second, my favorite kind of movies are action, romantic and supernatural things like werewolf, vampires... My favorite musics are rock, pop, rap and edm. I like to read too, go shopping and hang out with my friends. Of course those are things that normal people always do right haha but someone will always have something that different from above.

Third, I really love traveling.My dream is that I can travel around the world to see a new culture , new people and new views from those countries. I just traveled to Thailand last Summer and I have to say that country is really nice. I like people there because of the way them respected their King and their amazing views , their food and of course why I don't menton to their vehicles like Tuk Tuk, Sky Train and Taxi etc. And that's just like a new experienced for me

And yeah I think this is done because I still 14 days to go right haha
So I hope that your guys can enjoy reading this and I'm so sorry about my Grammar and if I wrote something wrong please tell me okay

See your guys soon XX

Thanks for reading......