Im a sucker for morning routines, so lets see what does my morning routine looks like in an article.

Wake-Up Earlier

Turn that alarm off, set a good playlist and get out of bed. Its time to Rise and Shine.

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Start ur day off right.

Drink Water

Water will help u waking up.

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Always remember to hidrate!


I usually take my dog for a walk first. It takes only 10 minutes because there's too many roads and cars here and Im a bit afraid of her being hurt.
If u have a dog, go walk him because he deserves it too.

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Get a little healthier. Exercise for 15/20 minutes. Anything is better than nothing.
Its also a great way to de-stress.

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It will put u in a better mood.

Take a Shower

Gotta wash that sweat off.

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U'll feel clean and ready to start ur day!

Eat a Healthy Breakfast

Ur morning routine reflects on how u'll feel the rest of the day, so do ur breakfast. A healthy breakfast is the first step for a healthy meal day.

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Dont forget ur coffee.

Enjoy and Chill

I usually watch some youtube videos before I go to school.
Do whatever u feel like doing.

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Its ur chill time.

Hopefully I didnt went too bad in my 1st article. Xoxo