Christmas is fast approaching and with it, the new year and whereas the Christmas spirit has well and truly taken over, I can't help but wonder what 2018 will bring. Who will I become? How will I change by the time 2019 rolls around?

That's where new years comes in, because despite many changes to myself will occur naturally through circumstances, there are things I know I can do to perhaps better myself as an individual, as a friend, as a student. It's safe to say that most new years resolutions fly straight out the window by the time February rolls around, at least for me anyway, but I want this year to be different, that's why I'm writing this article, to exist as a reminder of what I want to achieve.
So let's jump in:

1. EXERCISE : I want that summer body, i want to feel healthy, and good about myself! I've tried going on a health kick numerous times throughout the year, and the exercise normally stops about a week into the regime. This time, I will do my absolute best to pull through because at the end of the road, I know I'll be happy that I did it.

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2. BOOKS : I am a huge book nerd, I read 300 something pages in one sitting if I can, but recently, since September, when I started school, I haven't touched a book of my own choosing. This could be down to having to read texts for my English Lit class, or the homework, or just plain laziness. Either way, I don't like it. So in the following year, or perhaps earlier, I want to get back into reading for myself.

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3. SCHOOL WORK : Now this is the goal which could turn my academic future completely on its head. I have recently moved to a different sixth form, and it's completely different, obviously, to my own school..mostly in terms of the students. Everyone there is crazy intelligent despite starting with a completely different system to GCSE's, everything is so much harder and yet! So I want to buckle down, do my homework when I get it, read over my class notes, keep up with my note taking, make flash cards! I don't want to feel like I'm behind everyone.

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4. WORK : I have wanted to get a job for a long long time now, and have been to lazy to do anything about it so it's definitely something to focus on in the new year.

5. SEE HARRY STYLES IN CONCERT: Do I even need to develop on this one?

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6. HAVE FUN : Finally, I want to embrace life, I want to love my friends,family, boyfriend, unconditionally and be kind. I want to grow as a person.

Thank you for clicking on my first article!

All the love,