hiii there, well i love reading books so i want to share my top 5 favorites books. some of the books i like r cliches because idk i am an teenager.
the first book i really recommend is Rafaela it is from an argentina writer Mariana Furiansse . it is a cliche lol. but it is very good i felt very identified on rafaela bc she is a teenager who is big size and she dont like that. (like me)

the second book i really recommend is intermittent rafaela it is the second part of rafaela in this book it is like she met a new guy call leon (who is very handsome lol).

the third book it is a saga that i didnt finish (bc of school) but until what i read it is very good the way the writer write, it is really cool how he hooked me. very good book. (lol i forget 2 write the name of the book) the saga it is Maze Runner by James Dashner.

the forth book is my orange-lime plant by José Mauro de Vasconcelos. he is a portuguese writer. the book it is very sad (4 me) i cried a lot, but it is cool bc he teach me that i have to apreciate all the sacrifise my family do 4 me bc they work hard, and that of course i have to love them bc thay are my family<3

fifth book searching for alaska when i bougth it i didnt know what it was i was specting a bad book bc i dont like how writes john green. but when i finish i really love it i dont know the way he describe the places and the persons it is like i invented all the caracters (i imagine a cara develinge like margo, lol) i think that i wasnt very clear(idk)

well that was all, hug i hope u like it and let me know if u like it so i will write more often i dont know maybe i could write my own poems idk let me know if u like it