I just started the 'self care' routine last week. Every week has been a hectic week for me since the end of October where assignments dues and mid terms comes up.

Where at some point i will cry and scream because i feel that had too much. Every week. Never ends. This is because i procrastinate :D sorry.

So last week, i was browsing on youtube about 'Self care'. The main point that i can take from those videos was ' A clean and organize environment'. So every weekend, i tried to make up at 7 am in the morning to have a self care for my self where i would go out have a walk or going to the gaya street in the country I'm currently studying to get some fresh air.

After i came home, i shower and have my breakfast where i drink green tea and watching some motivational videos on Youtube. Then , i clean my room and my apartment. Lit the scented candle that i bought from bath & body works called 'Peach Bellini'.

After that, i would do my assignments for the next week dues. For instance, slides for presentation and paperwork that need to be hand in the following week.

Then at night, i would make time to exfoliate my face and my body. Use mask and serum. Then i would either watch a chick flik movies or read, the current book that I'm reading is ' The Ministry of Utmost Happiness'.

I hope that i will make this as a routine until the end of my semester, so i guess thats it. :I

Have a good weekend guys! ^-^