Day 2. Make a list of the things that you are grateful for.

My friends
I can see
I can feel
I have feelings
I care about others not all others but some others.
I can hear
I can walk
All of my limbs are intact
I can make and execute decisions for myself.
I can drive
I can shoot a gun
I have hair
I have a car
I have a place to live I call home.
I have enemy's
I have a computer
I have a cell phone
I live in the richest country in the world
I have experiences
I have first world problems
I have a job that I love
I can drink and swallow on my own.
I can smell
I can run
I can walk
I don't wear glasses
I have teeth
I can buy clothes
I can buy food
I don't have many complaints but can complain if I want.
I can reason somewhat
I am not a socialist or in a socialist country
I can write
I can be understood enough to get by,
I have family I get along with.
I love dogs, I don't own a dog.
I like hot wings
I like bacon
I like chocolate ice cream
I am better off then I deserve,
I have a God and I love God
I can bring joy to others when I get my eyes off myself.
I know how to merge
I can sleep at night
I can be OCD, I'm not OCD always. (Not every line has punctuation.)
I have never broken a bone.
I have been sky diving
I have good luck
I can swallow
I can think for myself I don't need the media to tell me how to act.
Spell checkers
I have a smart phone

I am grateful for all these things and more.

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