Purpose: To invoke and inspire contentment, inner peace, and the strength to better resolve any conflict within the upcoming season. Let your worries fall with the snowflakes!

winter, snow, and cold image

Acquire Your Items: Two sticks of cinnamon, a small light blue ribbon or thread, a white candle

Pre-Ritual: Deep-clean the space you wish to perform your blessing within. Let this area be your designated spot for the following steps, once it has been wiped down, vacuumed, and cleared of any messiness. Lay your supplies out before you.

Ritual: Choose a time in early December in which you feel ready to transition to the coming Winter (regardless of how the weather is outside)! Take ten deep breaths, tie your two cinnamon sticks together, and light your white candle before you; the cinnamon representing luck and fortune, the color blue representing tranquility, and the white candle representing peace and oneness. Light the candle. Hold onto your cinnamon bundle, charging it with your most gentle, welcoming, abundant energies. Visualize your worries falling with the snowflakes, and eventually melting away for good. Recognize the season of Winter as the ending of a period, a time to both rejoice in your accomplishments, and to welcome any upcoming change. Repeat the following chant:

“My heart is warm and I have earned
All that which I have gained.
The year shall close but I shall not;
There’s so much left to learn.”

Post-Ritual: Keep your cinnamon stick bundle in a special spot with your candle (like near your bed), lighting the candle whenever your soul calls for peace. Blessed be! ✨❄️