Whenever you get upset, you think negatively, especially when you get upset with yourself. It's hard to think positively in bad situations, so that's why I created this article! Hopefully this article helps you think happily more often.

Step One: Exercise Daily
When you exercise, you're mind clears up and focuses more on what you are doing. Once you get into the habit of exercising, it becomes easier for your mind to do just that!

Step Two: Meditate Daily
It doesn't matter what time (but I recommend doing it in the night time), meditate for at least thirty minutes everyday. It helps your brain calm down and relax, making your body feel relaxed, too! Meditating is very easy. All you have to do is put some headphones on, have some calm music playing, sit criss cross on your bed or on the floor, and close your eyes. It may seem boring, but it really helps!

Step Three: Eat Healthy
Eating healthy may seem hard to others, but it really isn't! What I recommend doing is making a cookbook with easy, healthy recipes. As you get used to eating healthy, turn the meals into more advanced meals.

Everyday, you're mind will relax more and more. When you feel calm in situations that aren't well, you know you are become a more positive person. Hopefully this article helped you!