Rizzo: So everyone...how was your summer? Mine was probably better than yours.
Jan: I went to summer camp. The food was great!
Marty: I spent the summer with Freddie, my love.
Patty: Woohoo! I am so happy to be back at school. Go Rydell High!!!!
Rizzo: Ugh she is so annoying.
Frenchy: Hey ladies! I missed you guys! This is Sandy, she just moved here!
Sandy: Hi everyone! It is so nice to meet you all. I am excited for a great year at Rydell High!
Jan: Hiya Sandy! Nice to meet ya!
Marty: Where did you move from Sandy?
Sandy: Australia.
Patty: Ooo! Australia! How exciting! Are you going to join the cheer squad Sandy?
Sandy: I don't know. I just want to make some new friends.
Rizzo: If you are cool enough, maybe we will make you a Pink Lady some day.
Sandy: I would really like that.
Frenchy: Sandy would really fit in with the Pink Ladies Rizz.
Rizzo: We'll see. What did you do this summer Sandy?
Sandy: I met a boy.
All: A BOY!!!!!
Miss Lynch: What is going on here?
Marty: Tell us more!!
Sandy: Well....
Danny: Hey boys, what's going on?
Kenickie: Just chilling, how about you Doody?
Doody: I've just been doing my summer homework.
Johnny: Sounds lame. I hit the gym over the summer.
Vinny: That's what I'm talking about!
Tom: Yeah, but you will never be as athletic as me Johnny! I can run two miles in ten minutes!
Leo: Listen to this! I rode some sick waves this summer!
Eugene: Hey pals!
Sonny: Eugene you clutz!
Roger: What is this? Homework.
All Boys (Except Eugene): Awww Eugene!
Principal McGee: What's going on over here boys?
Vinny: Oh nothing, Principal McGee. Just catching up with our good pal Eugene!
Kenickie: Hey Zuko! What did you do this summer?
Danny: Well... I met a girl.
Rizzo: Wait, Sandy, what did you say the boy's name was again?
Sandy: Danny. Danny Zuko.
All: DANNY ZUKO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Patty: We know Danny Zuko!
Frenchy: I didn't know the boy was Danny Zuko!
Sandy: What? How do you guys know him?
Jan: He's the coolest guy in the school!
Danny: Hey Pink Ladies!
Rizzo: Oh boy do we have a surprise for you?
Sandy: Danny!?
Danny: Sandy!?
Doody: Is this the girl you were talking about?
Marty: What a coincidence!
Danny: How are you? What are you doing here?
Sandy: Well uh my family decided to move and....
Leo: Hey look! Here comes Kenickie!
Kenickie: Hey guys, come check out my new ride!
Patty: Hey everyone, let's all get ready for prom!
All: YAY!
Miss Lynch: Hello everyone, welcome to Rydell High's annual prom!
Principal McGee: We just want everyone to be safe and fun! Let's get dancing!
Rizzo: Hey Zuko, you had some nice moves.
Danny: Thanks Rizz!
Sandy: Why is Rizzo talking to Danny, he's my prom date!
Frenchy: Oh Sandy, it's nothing to worry about.
Sandy: I think I need a makeover, can you help me?
Frenchy: Of course Sandy!
Roger: Hey Marty! You look nice!
Marty: Thanks Roger, Jan did my hair for me! She did it so well!
Jan: Thanks Marty! I tried my best.
Sonny: You look really nice too, Jan!
Jan: Awww thanks Sonny. Not so bad yourself.
Patty: Hi Eugene! I really like your glasses!
Eugene: Oh these! Thank you Patty they are new!
Leo: Tom I thought you were the coolest kid in school! Why don't you have a prom date?
Tom: Ehhh I don't know! Girls are so over rated.
Leo: Wow! You are so cool!
Principal McGee: Seniors! It is time for the end of the year celebration and carnival!
Miss Lynch: Oh I always love the end of the year celebration.
Kenickie: Hey Zuko! Wanna ride the Ferris Wheel?
Danny: I don't know Kenickie. I am sad because Sandy ran out of the prom and I have not seen her since then!
Danny: Sandy! Look at you!
Sandy: Tell me about it....Stud!
Roger: I am so sad that we are leaving for college.
Rizzo: Me too!
Leo: I am going to miss you all so much.
Danny: It is okay! We will all always be together. A WAP BABA LOOBAP