The birthday/holiday are near the corner but you didn't buy anything and you still don't have any idea what to buy?Well,i hope this article will help you:)

Let's start this article with some rules:
1. Don't spend a lot of money
Not al the things that are expensive are beautiful.

2. Try to be creative
If you are close to that person or if you know that she/he likes something-try to diy it.

3. Don't be afraid to diy the gift
A lot of people appreciate a gift that is made by their friends instead buying something that everyone has it.

4. Make a gift because you want it and don't think it's an obligation
Just imagine: if you would receive the gift,you would like it?!

Now let's move to the gift ideas

❇ Like the first rule - don't spend a lot of money - DIY it!

1. DIY a phone case.As a diy youtuber,i can say that's cheaper to diy a phone case than buy one.

Here are some ideas

☆ A Stitch phone case

beautiful, case, and disney image
You will need a clear phone case,a picture with stitch and a permanent marker.Cut the picture and glue it inside the phone case.After that,draw a scissor and a line(the draw need to be inside as the picture),Let these dry and that's it

More phone cases!

amazing, galaxy, and phone case image diy, flowers, and girl image
These aren't that easy to explain but here is the video in case you want to see how to make these :

For Riverdale fans

beautiful, diy, and goals image
Since this show is really popular,if your friend likes it,you can make some tumblr diy's and these are super easy! Here's the video :

1$ GIFT IDEAS . Wait,1$?!Yes!

beautiful, diy, and christmas image beautiful, diy, and goals image
See how easy it is to don't spend a lot of money on gift?!In the first picture is a hot chocolate with almonds in a globe and in the second is a pinecone!

Paint something!

beautiful, goals, and picture image


beautiful, diy, and flowers image amazing, beautiful, and colors image

☆ A snapchat phone holder/charger!

Abusive image

I mean,how cool is this?!
If you want to make it:

2. A vacation

travel, airplane, and plane image sky, travel, and clouds image girl, beach, and summer image fish, summer, and ocean image
Who wouldn't love to receive this?!To make this even better,you can go together!


amazing, diy, and girl image
✻ If she loves makeup,you should make her a makeup phone case!She would love it!
beautiful, goals, and gold image makeup, eyeshadow, and beauty image
✻ You would make her day better!

4.Buy sweets!

beautiful, flowers, and goals image nutella, food, and chocolate image
✻ If the sweets look like this,i tink i want these too!

5. Clothes

fashion, outfit, and style image fashion, outfit, and style image
✻ No matter how many she has,a girl will always want clothes!

These are my ideas!I hope you like my article!
Until next time!