The thing is that I'm reading a book about self-love and self-care and I underlined many phrases that I liked and I think that you'll like them too and they'll help you so much. These are:

(the book that I'm reading is in Spanish and I'm Spanish too, so if there's a translation failure, I'm sorry, let me know it if you want to) ♡

  • ''There is one thing that heals the whole problem: love yourself.''
  • ''The simple things are the deepest.''
  • ''We can not really love anyone unless we love ourselves first.''
  • ''Love to ourselves is the most important gift we can offer.''
  • ''Love is something we can choose in the same way we can choose anger, hatred or sadness.''
  • ''Our thoughts create our feelings.''
  • ''Nothing we can do tomorrow, nor yesterday. We can only do it today.''
  • ''You are the one who governs your mind.''
  • ''We all have different opinions. You have the right to have yours and I have the right to have mine.''
  • ''If we spend our lives burying things, they will end up manifesting in one part or another of our body.''
  • ''My purpose was to get well, and I gave myself to it in body and soul.''
  • ''Before going to sleep, I thanked myself for everything I had done during the day.''
  • ''I worked for to understand and forgive.''
  • ''The more I forgave my parents, the more willing I felt to forgive myself.''
  • ''Forgiving ourselves is tremendously important.''
  • ''Do not blame yourself for not doing something faster or better.''
  • ''Do to others what you want them to do to you.''
  • ''If we despise or underestimate ourselves, life will mean very little to us. However, if we love and value ourselves, then life can be a precious gift, a wonderful gift.''
  • ''Remove the expression <do not forget> , and start saying <remember>.''
  • ''Nobody can force us to think differently.''
  • ''The next time you feel tempted to criticize someone, ask yourself why you think that about yourself.''
  • ''We have to start believing that we deserve our life.
  • ''If someone is sick, send him love and peace, do not ask him to be well.''
  • ''Everything I need comes to me in the perfect place and in the perfect time.''
  • ''Life is full of joy and love.''
  • ''I am a loving person, worthy of love and loved.''

BOOK NAME: The Power Is Within You, by Louise L. Hay

If you want to read more phrases like these, they're called ''positive affirmations'', you can search for them everywhere (Google, We Heart It, Pinterest...)

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