This article is about the things I have experienced this year and how this changed me.

1. In the beginning of the year I was on a ski class trip with all the classes of my year. I just don´t like skiing so I really disliked it. It was cool spending the time with my friends but after a week I just wanted to have a room for myself and beeing alone.

2.I got a room makeover. Before we made an makeover I had a ugly loft bunk and in my room was no light. But now I have a beautiful light room and I feel comfy in it.

3. I went on a language travel to Malta. It was my second travel like this and I just loved it , I met cool people from all over the world and I improved my English.
Since that Malta is my favorite country.

4. I started again with Ballett and I really missed dancing. And through this I got healthier.

5. I learned how to be more motivated and better at school and that I can do anything if I want to. (I know it sounds dumb but try it)

6. I got more sponateous and I now do often activities and it feels got to do something and not lying in bed.

i hope you enjoyed it