So, this is an old writing prompt that I wrote for myself about two months ago...

My eyes are filled with tears when I look at him.
"I know that I shouldn't be telling you this," he babbles. His eyes are filled with tears, too. "I know that you and I are young, and maybe one day I am going to change my mind-"
"No," I cut him off. I know what he is going to say. He is going to say that he loves me. I life a finger and put it to his soft lips. "Don't say it."
I tilt my head and look him. He has big, brown, eyes. Even though they are in the body that has taken him over and into manhood, they still look like they should be living in a five-year old. Now, a few drops have struck his cheek.
He stares back at me, bewildered by emotions and confusion. "But, why not?" He finally asks.
"Because," I choke. "Because if you do I am going to believe you. I've lost everything. I can't handle even the thought of losing the last person I love."
My eyes overflow as he embraces me. The salty tears stain his shirt. After a drawn out moment he looks me straight in the face. Then, in the blink of an eye, he's gone.