Hey beauties
How are you today? I hope you've had a nice day/evening so far.
My name is Mimi and I'm pretty excited for this year's Christmas. I'm also a passionated article writer here on WHI and I wanted to start a challenge!

Now that it's only a month till Christmas I wanna get into the Christmas spirit and I also wanna help you guys finding your Christmas spirit by starting this challenge.

What's the challenge?

The challenge is to write a new article everyday writing something about Christmas.
The first 8 days are already set up so everyone writes the same things the first 8 days. Here are the things you need to write the first 8 days (screenshot if needed)

  • Why I love Christmas
  • My Christmas playlist
  • Christmas bucket list
  • How my perfect Christmas day/evening looks like
  • My Christmas gift list.
  • My best/funniest Christmas memory
  • Favorite Christmas cravings
  • top 10 Christmas movies

When you finished your first 8 days you may choose what to write the remaining days.
This challenge stops at the end of Christmas (december 26)
Use the #WeHeartChristmas in every title of your article.

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Oh and, there are winners!

Yes you read it right, there are 3 winners. It's actually not a big deal but I'm gonna choose the 3 best writers (who has persisted every day) and give them special shoutouts.
It doesn't matter how many hearts your article get.
I will heart every single one of them AND put them in 1 collection.

(If you wanna join this challenge and you want a bonus point for winning, send me a message and just tell me you join the challenge. This is not necessry but you'll get a bigger chance of winning a lot of shoutouts)

Good luck! I can't wait to read all of your articles!

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Here you can find all the #WeHeartChristmas articles:

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november 25, 2017