Beauty Lifehacks/tips

  • buy a face wash
  • wash your face 2 times a day (morning and night)
  • drink 8 cups of water daily
  • Shave, then use an olive oil/sugar scrub, shave again (It will get off dead skin you didn't realize was there.)
  • Put vaseline when you plan on spraying perfume (It will last longer)
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( this pretty gurl has a lot of helpful videos :) I strongly recommend)

Period lifehacks/tips

  • Wear bikini bottoms when you're on your period. (If you leak its easier to wash out.)
  • Replace coffee for hot green tea.
  • Eat dark chocolate
  • Get youself a heating pad.
  • Sleep more
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Helpful apps

Clue lets you monitor your cycle and know when your period is on its way. It also tracks symptoms and fertility window, all in a simple and streamlined design that keeps it easy to navigate.

Nike+ Training Club
Nike+ Training Club app has something to get you off the couch and into shape — each of the more than 100 workouts was designed by Nike master trainers.

Ruby by Glow
Ruby by Glow is essentially an all-purpose tool for women to take control of their sex lives. Geared towards empowering sexually active females, the app offers tools for keeping track of sexual activity, symptoms, and health as well as a menstrual cycle timer.

For women (or anyone) looking to stay informed and up-to-date without weeding through articles online or in print newspapers.

Spotify puts all your favorite songs in your purse.

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