Hey lovely hearters,welcome back to another festivie article.Now that Thanksgiving is over it's officially Christmas season🎄 So today's article is about things to do this Christmas with your family/friends or by yourself.Also guys thank you so much for the love you shown at my last article: Christmas Decoration

You can read it for more inspiration

So let's get start it with today's article,shall we?

Go Ice Skating

christmas, winter, and girl image girls, ice skating, and tumblr image
Cause what a better way to spend your day

Bake Cookies

christmas, Cookies, and food image christmas, Cookies, and food image christmas, food, and winter image christmas, winter, and Cookies image
A yummy way to spend a cold day

Watch a movie

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My all time favourite christmas movies is obviously home alone both of the movies

Drink hot chocolate

Cookies, christmas, and winter image christmas, chocolate, and marshmallow image christmas, winter, and light image christmas, winter, and hot ​chocolate image christmas, winter, and cold image winter, christmas, and chocolate image
one of the bacis thing that the majority does at christmas

Spend time with your family/friends/boyfriend/girlfriend or your pet

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Build a snowman

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Finally don's forget to make the most of this Christmas!!

christmas, snow, and winter image
christmas, snow, and winter image

Tip of the day :You are beautiful no matter what,you can do whatever you se your mind to......so DO NOT give up right now!!

See you soon with a new article