I know I know it's after the Thanksgiving, but why be thankful only on Thanksgiving and not every day in your life. This is my points what I'm grateful for. Enjoy !

I can say that my family is everything for me. They support me in everything what I'm doing and they love me so much. I can't introduce what I've been without my mum, dad, bro etc... Love you so much ! <3

Image by kaitlyn

Another very important group of people are my friends. I mean any friends what I've ever met. Even they hurt me or not, they push me and learn so many new things. Especially my best friends they're amazing :D like another family.

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I'm also thankful what I've done the past couple months. I start working out a lot more than before. I focused on my food and what I'm putting to my stomach and how I feel after that. So I'm very proud of myself.

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And the last point is, that I'm grateful for everything. That I can live in this world, I can breath, I can travel around the world, I can learn new things, I can meet people and talk with them and so so many things. And I want you to think about what you're grateful for a thanks for everyone and everything.

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Bye...love ya <3