Hey ♥ , today I'll be including 11 life hacks that I thought you need to know, hope you enjoy them and if you do please ♥ this article.

1.In Simple.Wikipedia.org you will find shorter essays with more simple words.
2. WornonTV.net allows you to find the clothes a TV character wore and it lists where you can find them.
3.In http://shelterpups.com you can send them a picture of your pet and they'll send you a stuffed animal that looks like it.
4. For a hiccup cure - inhale through your mouth , swallow saliva twice and slowly exhale through your nose.
5. If a shirt shrinks, put it in a bowl with ice water and one cup of hair conditioner and it will be back to it's normal size.
6. Place a hot spoon on a mosquito bite to stop the itching.
7. can't think of what to but someone for Christmas? , tell them you already bought them something and ask them to guess it , they'll start listing the things they want .
8. Instead of scrapping ice off your car try spraying 2/3 Vinegar 1/3 water and the ice will melt right off .
9. Can't afford am electric blanket ? , warm water bottles laid in bed before going to sleep will do the job.
10. Try placing warm wet tea bags on your lips if you have chapped lips.
11. Nutella mug cake : Mix 4 Tbsp flour , 1/4 tsp baking powder , 1/4 cup Nutella and 3 Tbsp milk in a mug. Whisk thoroughly and microwave for 1 minute .