now being an introvert person, i have simple/boring languages to other people and i really like doing those hobbies like reading a book/drawing little people/listening to foreign music (check out 'Édith Piaf - Ne me quitte pas' on youtube! great french song!)

but back to the topic, i started learning japanese because i guess you can say japan was really popular in 2016 like this year is all about south korea lol and i wanted to look cool or at least say 'hey! i can speak japanese, yeah!' lol yeahh i was still trying to find whom i was but now, i really don't care about people caring and i'm still learning the language :)


it just feels amazing to understand another language. it makes me warm inside than i'm spreading my wings and meeting/talking to people other than american.

and let's just say i started learning japanese because some boys in my class were talking about an anime called '暗殺教室' aka assassination classroom and i wanted to be cool and crap so i slide into their conversation and thought the idea of the show was AWESOME !!!

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so i'm learning japanese :)


{links to some websites} <- has a self-learning section <- learn vocabulary <- if you are not sure of a word, use this website

and i also use other pdfs and youtubers like PDRさん, Japanese Ammo with Misa, KemushiChan ロレッタ, and etc.

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  • Drops (great for vocabulary like the website)
  • HelloTalk (communicate w/ native speakers)
  • Duolingo (you can use this but it's not helpful - for me but if it is to you then here you go)


you can change your phone language or if you don't want to do that, change siri or apps that you get on a lot to the language.

very helpful~

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now i don't do this all the time because i get distracted and just be soooo focused on the show that the words will just quickly go through my head.


they are helpful. you can pause it and just listen closely or some shows/music/books have subtitles and cope the phrase then listen to it again until you remember it

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so that's it, i hope i gave you some good notes and resources that you will help you with the wonderful language called japanese

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