Welcome, to my random little space here @okjules.

I just created an account on WHI very recently, and I'm loving it already. I have read a few articles here and there, some being advice and tips, others being short stories or poems, and I've really been drawn to the idea of them. So I decided to start creating some of my own, just for fun.

I felt like beginning with a fairly cliché but simple topic, which is just explaining who I am and what I like. I know, very boring, but I just thought I'd introduce myself. I hope you read along and stick with me for this learning experience!


Who am I?

This is a question I've asked myself many times. In fact, countless people wonder the very same thing. We're all simply attempting to find out our importance on this Earth and who we truly are, even if it may never be answered.

I'd like to take this question and narrow it down to something much more basic, and by doing that, I'll begin by stating a few random facts.

1 ❤ I'm known as the "girl with curly hair" at my school. If you tell me you're jealous of it, I simply can't understand why. This mane of a hair is literally impossible to maintain. Although, I am quite flattered.

2 ❤ I'm that insane music fangirl. I have to say, my music taste is pretty damn bomb. My favorite artists include the Neighbourhood, present-day Taylor Swift, Green Day, and Twenty One Pilots. I've seen Green Day and Taylor Swift in concert -- by far two of the best days of my life.

3 ❤ I have a new obsession literally every day, I swear. Right now it's Riverdale, and it's honestly my favorite show to ever exist on Netflix. Right as I'm writing this article, I literally finished the last episode of Season One, and I'm pissed that Season Two isn't up yet.

4 ❤ My favorite color is definitely yellow. It's so bright and beautiful, and it just makes me happy whenever I look at it. If I could, I'd make my whole wardrobe yellow.

5 ❤ I'm mostly Italian, and I get asked that a lot. I don't know, for some reason people always assume I'm Hispanic?

6 ❤ My favorite season is winter, by far. Although it doesn't get very cold where I live, when it maybe hits the fifties (in Fahrenheit, haha), I get so excited. Literally last Christmas, it was ninety degrees, which was a total bummer.

7 ❤ My favorite movie either has to be It or The Space Between Us. Both were very sad in my opinion, but I loved them a lot. Just a note, Finn Wolfhard in It was goddamn hilarious!

8 ❤ If I had to choose one celebrity to marry, it would undoubtedly be Cole Sprouse. Literally everything he says sounds poetic and beautiful, he's gorgeous, and an amazing actor. Also, I relate to him with his sadistic humor to be honest.

9 ❤ I enjoy drawing very much, although I don't really think I'm good at it, even though people tell me I am. If I draw something particularly good, I get way too scared to color it in with colored pencils or markers with the fear that I'll completely ruin it.

10 ❤ I'm literally never off of YouTube. I can watch videos for hours and hours on end without getting bored, honestly. Some of my favorite YouTubers have to be Shane Dawson, Daniel Howell, AmazingPhil, Jessie Paege, David Dobrik, Liza Koshy, Mel Mercer, Gabbie Hanna, James Charles, Emmanoodle, Marzia, and Tori Sterling, and that's just me naming a FEW. Ugh, I have an addiction!


Damn, that was a lot longer than I anticipated. I'm pretty sure this was kind of boring, sorry! I hope to get more into writing articles soon so I can publish advice, facts, and maybe even short stories or poems!

I hope to see you all in the future.
Stay rad! :)

~Yah girl, @okjules