Each individual goes through stages of their life feeling like that they don't know where they are. So packing a bag of the emotions, thoughts, and feelings - they go on a journey to discover what those three things mean to them.

For me, going back home to my small town (literally a small town of 105 some people) on the Bruce Peninsula of Ontario, Canada makes me discover the meaning of the emotions, thoughts, and feelings that I have been experiencing. It's about finding the answers I was searching for. To why I have been feeling in this up-side down world.

That up-side down world is not called "bad days" but off days. Don't let yourself have more than one off day in a row or else it will be harder to get out of the "negative" and unwanted snowball effect. But instead, give yourself one hour to write down why you are feeling that way and what you can do to fix it. To help yourself flourish into a positive "snowball effect".

Feels Like Home by The Him feat. son Mieux
Dear Life by High Valley
Young Blood by Noah Kahan

Youtuber to Watch: Raw Alignment and ALYSE