I think I keep everything for pride, but who else can I say what I feel for you, just you. I do not say it daily because this will become more difficult, it is just talking all day. I love you too, I'm in love with you, a few months after starting to write, wanted more attention but an attention of attraction, not as a friend, we realized that we both wanted the same. But instead of being all the more simple because we knew that we both felt that attraction, the opposite was more difficult. Days, evenings and nights us and talking about anything, the conversation never ran out or we were out of conversation issues. In that short lapse there were many basses, it was seen coming. Well, you were with other people and I was with others. I never wanted evil in your relationship, honestly, but if I felt jealous. Until the moment finally came to be together, do not know how happy I felt the day I asked for your sweater and finally we talked in high school, and we did almost everything we always talked about night "I Want to kiss you" "I want to hug you" "I want to hold Your Hand" Umirte "To introduce you to my family" things that we realized. It was about 10 months together, the best, I do not regret anything, fights, discussions made us see our strong relationship, we learned from those little mistakes. of laughter, of kisses, clutches, our hands together, family moments, with friendships, outings, photos, conversations, evils, mockeries and many other things. But every beginning has a final and this is ours. I thought I had a lot more months with you, even years. Writing this, you should know how I am. I want none of this to be happening because there are still things left to do together. You'll be that story I'll always count as "My first boyfriend" I won't forget it. I'll just get over the fact that we're not together, that everyone will follow their course separately. If we are destined to be together, we will be.

The fact of each one in a future not so distant or present we are with another person, for my part everything that I wrote not change, that history, those feelings will remain in me, even if it hides them.
I'm more than grateful to you, for every detail, to the materials.
I keep responding, etiquetándote and writing because I want to feel you near me, although this will eventually end. That's the sad reality.
I love you. I miss you, I miss every single thing about you and what we did.