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Next morning I woke up with Dylan next to me.
It was sweet but I knew in my heart I can't date my foster brother.
As much as It felt so good I knew it was wrong.

I woke up and hurried to put my clothes on before my foster parents came home.

I woke up Dylan as well, cause I needed him to get off my bed before his parents came home.

He was soo cute in the morning, As he woke up he kissed me softly and shivers went through me body.

I told him that we couldn't be together because it was wrong and that I don't want to see him ever again. Which is dumb because we live in the same house.

I almost forgot that I had school and that I was almost late. So I blasted out the door.

Me and Dylan do not go to the same school because my foster parents a.k.a ( his parents ) thought he would be embarrassed by having a foster sister.

I came late to school today and that isn't good because even the littleiest things can get me sent back to juvie or the foster care system.

After school I was walking home and I saw a black car pull up right next to me.
It was Dylan. He wanted to give me a ride home. It was very awkward but he kept looking at me the whole ride.

He even held my hands while he was driving.

Nina! Snap out of it! I quickly removed my hand cause this don't feel right.

Suddenly Dylan stopped the car and told me to stop worrying and that everything would be alright , he also asked me " Can I hold you hand now , my love?"

Ahhhhhh guys his the cutest!

We reached home and entered the house together holding hands. We quickly let go of each other because his parents were home in the kitchen.

My parole officer was also in the kitchen as well. Which isn't a good thing.

My parole officer is the one that's in charge of the different homes I go to, he checks up on me to see if I'm doing fine.

I greeted him and asked what he was doing here. Suddenly my heart stopped.

I didn't really like this foster home, but Dylan was the only reason why I would stay.

Apparently Dylan's parents ordered me out of their home because they were busy all the time and they didn't have time to raise me.

Which was kind of stupid because I didn't really need them to raise me , I just need a place to stay and Dylan is 18 so he really isn't a child anymore. So really I't would be like having just me in the house.

My parole officer told me I have a couple of days in this house until I get transferred into a Foster Center ( A place where kids who are left abandoned by their parents and have no homes stay until they find a new home ).

Dylan over heard the conversation and got angry. He snapped at his parents and said that i't was fair.

He was making it suspicious that we had a thing going on

His parents asked why he cared so much about whether I leave or not.

Dylan uttered the words " Because I Lov-"

I quickly stopped him and interrupted him before the words came out.

OMG my foster brother loves me.

To be continued .....

- Nina

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