Before you start reading this I want you to know that my main language is German, not English. So please excuse my Grammer or Vacab.. I tried my best to correct myself.

So, hey everyone!
This is my very first article now but I read a lot of articles that inspired me and I decided to write it myself.
In this article I´ll show you how my morning routine on the weekend or in the holidays looks like and some tips.
Enjoy :)

Waking up

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You need to practice this.

Right. You can´t just like say "tommorow I´m gonna get up an hour before than regular". Your body has an own clock and you need to learn how it works:

  • How many hours does your body need to sleep?
Personally I need to sleep 8 hours straight to get up energized and actually get up at the first alarm clock :)
  • How do you get up at the first alarm?
After the first tip it isn´t that difficult anymore but if you still have struggle then I reccomend to put your alarm across the room, but so that you actually need to stand up and walk to it.

Because I´m rather a morning person I like to wake up around 7.30. After that I´m open my blinds and open my windos about 15 minutes. (even if it´s cold outside!!!) Meanwihle I´m drinking a glass of water to get hydrated again, of course I´m also at my phone on almost every socail media platform I´m on or I´m reading some pages of my book. Also I´m doing my bed.

Getting ready

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I prefer to get ready before breakfast.Also I always shower in the afternoon.

At first I´m brushing my teeth in the bathroom and preparing my face for my make up routine with masks, moisturizer, etc.
Then it´s time for my everyday make up routine and I´m also doing my hair.
At last I´m putting an cute outfit together and going to the kitchen.


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The link is for an article wich I saw today, there were breakfast recieps and I liked it a lot.

Also for breakfast eat what you want. It´s different from person to person, what you can eat in the morning.
I´m drinking a cup of tea every morning and usually eating pancakes with fruits, a bowl with yogurt and fruits or just an avocado toast.

Planning the day

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At this point I´m actually sitting at my table and writing an to do list.

Usually I´m out buying food or just something what I need right now, or I´m studiyng or doin activities with my familie and friends.

That´s all from me for now.🖤
Hopefully you encoyed it, if you do please leave a heart at my first article because I really tried my best to get such an article.